About Your Farmers

Creambrook Farm 2019-377_websize.jpg

Creambrook Farm is nestled in the rolling hills of Middlebrook, VA and is owned by Ben & Kristen Beichler. Together with their two young boys (and another one on the way!), they work the land to create a healthy and vibrant place to live and produce food for others.

Ben grew up with fond memories of riding with his grandfather on an antique John Deere B. Kristen had a family background in agriculture, and both enjoyed the lifestyle of hard work and being outside. Ben and Kristen met almost a decade ago through grass-based farming, and soon fell in love and decided to farm together. They were married in January of 2012 and started Creambrook Farm, running a small herd share and pastured poultry business.

Ben and Kristen worked at several farms between Virginia and Pennsylvania, and decided in 2016 to pursue buying their own piece of land.

With the partnership of Iroquois Valley Farms, they were able to secure a beautiful farm in Middlebrook, VA which is now Creambrook Farm. They offer 100% grass-fed, Jersey raw milk herd shares to families throughout the Valley and Central VA and offer events and tours throughout the year. Milk-fed pigs have been a fun addition to the farm. The antique John Deere B from Ben’s childhood has made its home here, too.

You can learn follow daily life at Creambrook on Instagram @creambrookfarm!