About Your Farmers


You’re searching for milk that will make your kids feel good.

Like you, we want to feed our children wholesome, living foods packed with enzymes and vitamins - and raw milk is how we started doing just that.

But not all milk is REAL milk.

Did you know that milk is one of the most processed foods?

When produced commercially, milk is pasteurized (heated to extreme temps), homogenized (squeezed molecules to erase the layer of cream), and devoid of the beneficial enzymes, bacteria, and vitamins that are delicate and heat-sensitive.

So, what makes healthy milk?

We believe it’s well-cared for healthy cows fed a 100% grass-fed diet. No grains, GMO’s, artificial hormones, synthetic fertilizers on the farm.

Raw milk is packed with nutrients, delicious butterfat, omega 3’s, CLA’s and live enzymes - a complete food with protein, carb, and healthy fat!

You can enjoy milk again.

We met each other through farming careers and fell in love. The farming lifestyle is not easy, but we have chosen this so that we can feed our family well, and your family, too!

Our two young boys love the milk from the cows and we love that they are getting the highest quality milk!

Follow along so you can make your own butter, yogurt, and kefir at home.

Read more here to learn about herd shares and how our family can be your farmers!

With gratitude,

Ben & Kristen Beichler