You Should Be Able to Enjoy Milk

People often tell us they can’t drink pasteurized milk without experiencing issues - and then they taste our 100% grass-fed raw milk and fall in love with milk again! Do you know why?

Pasteurized milk is highly processed and not natural to digest. Pasteurization denatures the proteins, fats, and enzymes of milk. Raw milk has all of the good nutrition! Abundant in butterfat, enzymes, and brimming with nutrition. Raw milk is milk you can enjoy.

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At Creambrook, we want the best for you.

Our goal is to provide you & your family with the most delicious, healthy, and safe raw milk possible.

  • over 400 families enjoying Creambrook milk each week

  • 100% of our raw milk is lab tested for safety on the farm

  • our happy Jersey cows are outside year round, enjoying a 100% grass-fed, non-GMO diet. Good for you and the planet.

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Become a Herd Share Member. Get raw milk every week!

The way to get raw milk in Virginia is by owning a herd share. Don’t worry, it’s easy! Pay a one-time fee to own the share, and like a subscription, you will pay for the weekly service of us caring for your cows and delivering your milk for easy local pick up. Ta-da!

 Start Getting Raw Milk

Step 1: Click the Get Raw Milk button to choose a pick up spot and share size.


Step 2: Buy a herd share and sign the herd share agreement (emailed to you).


Step 3: Start enjoying your raw milk!

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We can’t wait to serve you and your family!

- Ben & Kristen Beichler

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