It all began with his grandfather's John Deere

We're Ben and Kristen Beichler, a husband and wife team with two young boys and a farm. Ben grew up with vivid memories of being a little boy, riding with his grandfather on a John Deere B tractor. That same tractor joined the Creambrook family this Spring and we couldn't be more thrilled.

A farm Love Story

Farming was the common interest that brought us together. Ben apprenticed at the renowned Polyface Farm under the guidance of Joel Salatin, and Kristen arrived at Polyface a few years later for a summer internship. We met doing what we loved (farming) and ended up getting married so we could be together every day (while farming). 

The farm

Since we got married, we have called Swoope, VA, King William, VA and Chambersburg, PA "home." We followed farming jobs and gained lots of knowledge on grazing, pasture management, and large-scale farming. Our young family moved back to our beginnings, to the Staunton area that we missed, in March 2017 to purchase a farm. The farm is 12 miles southwest of Staunton and is in the rolling hills of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. It is transitioning to Organic certification and is home to the Creambrook cows. We offer raw milk shares to families in the Valley & Central VA areas and supply Old Church Creamery with milk for their whole milk, chocolate milk, yogurts, and kefir.

WHy We farm

We farm because it's honestly what we believe God has given us to do. We farm because we get to serve other families who, like ours, seek out wholesome, nourishing food for their kids. It's the love for being outdoors, surrounded by nature, and being close to the earth. We love these cows and caring for them in the best ways by providing a healthy, low-stress environment with sunshine and fresh pasture. You get to know a cow really well when you milk her every day! It's a lifestyle and we feel honored to live here, in this Valley and on this farm, and to be a part of a healthy shift towards cleaner, fresher food by serving the families in our community. Cheers! 

                                  Ben and Kristen Beichler on the eve of the first milking at Creambrook Farm

                                Ben and Kristen Beichler on the eve of the first milking at Creambrook Farm