The art of crafting real milk. 


The cows are our best friends at Creambrook Farm. They have gentle and spunky personalities. They make sweet babies. They love their food! And they also help us be good stewards of the land. The goal of "soil restoration" may sound lofty, but it really is our passion and here's why: we want to see healthy families and vibrant communities and we believe this begins with taking care of what is right at our feet - the soil. Nutrient-dense, living, whole foods that nourish body & soul begin with healthy farms, soil teeming with organic life, and thriving animals. We farm because we believe this matters: healthy soil, real food, sunshine, grazing cows, and community. Be a part of the restoration. Cheers to fresh milk!


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Why 100% Grass?

It's an art & science. Here's why our cows graze.  

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