December Specials!

Start your raw milk share, tell a friend, & enjoy fresh milk this holiday season!


Celebrate the season with delicious, creamy milk!

For the first time (ever!) we are offering 2 awesome December Specials for new members & current members!

  1. When you become a herd share member in December:

(did you catch that jingle there?)

When you become a herd share member in December 2018, we will waive the purchase cost of your shares!


YES! $17 for half shares and $34 for full shares is FREE for new members joining the farm in December.

*This Special is for current herd share members, too, who want to add shares! :)

2. For current members who tell friends in December:

Get $20 credit on your member account for every friend referral who becomes a herd share member!

And yes, their purchase cost to join the herd is free in December, so it’s a WIN-WIN! Send Kristen an email of who you shared Creambrook’s Dec Specials with!

Why join a herd share?

In Virginia, dairy farmers cannot offer raw milk for sale. Thankfully, you can legally obtain raw milk each week by being a member of a herd share!

What is a herd share?

It is a part-ownership agreement between you and your farmer: you own a share of the herd. Instead of paying for milk, you pay for services: we, your farmers, care for the cows and deliver your milk.

How much milk is a share?

Ownership of 1 share allows you to receive 1 gallon of milk per week.

Ownership of one half share allows 1/2 gallon of milk per week.

Milk is delivered consistently every week, same amount as your share, all year round.

How do I become a herd share member?

Steps to sign up:

  1. Purchase a share - this cost is waived the entire month of December when you join!

    • All you need to do is send us an email or fill out the form below to get started!

    • How much does a herd share cost when the purchase is not waived? It’s a one-time cost of $34 to own 1 share; it’s $17 to own one half share. You can purchase as many shares as your family desires.

  2. Kristen will email the Herd Share Agreement for you to sign.

  3. Choose a pick up location and get your milk every week (see below for details).

  4. Pay every 4 weeks for 4 week’s worth of service (services are care of cows & delivery of milk) on our online billing system. Invoices are emailed directly to you. Prices are based on your location (scroll down to see where we deliver).

    Here are the prices for your location:

    Shenandoah Valley and Central VA

    Weekly cost per 1 Gallon $10.00

    Weekly cost per 1/2 Gallon $5.50

    Richmond Metro

    Weekly cost per 1 Gallon $10.50

    Weekly cost per 1/2 Gallon $5.75


    Weekly cost per 1 Gallon $11.00

    Weekly cost per 1/2 Gallon $6.00

    Farm Pick up in Middlebrook

    Weekly cost per 1 Gallon $9.00

    Weekly cost per 1/2 Gallon $5.00

    Deliveries are made weekly to: 

    Shenandoah Valley & Central VA: Charlottesville, Crozet, Stuarts Draft, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Mt. Sidney, & Palmyra

    Richmond Metro: Carytown in Richmond & Mechanicsville

    Williamsburg, Merchant’s Square

    On the Farm, Middlebrook

coming soon: Waynesboro, Greenwood, Short Pump!*

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