A Collection of Raw Milk Recipes

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Hello from the farm! I hope you are having a great May so far!

We have had a lot of exciting events the last few weeks and I am enjoying some quiet this evening and wanted to say hello - and drop some fun raw milk recipes here, too!

Over the past few weeks, we celebrated Good Friday and Easter Sunday with our church, hosted Spring Farm Day (with over 300 visitors!), I enjoyed a quick trip with a few girlfriends to Savannah, GA, and we finished our first cutting of hay last week! And started mowing hay again today - such is the life of farmers. :)

I would love to share more about farm life and why we are passionate about the goodness of raw milk, so you can expect to hear more frequently from us in future emails!

To get started, here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy raw milk - besides drinking it daily, of course! 

Peach Baked Oatmeal // Creambrook Farm blog
This is a make-ahead, simple breakfast that our whole family enjoys. It lasts us 2-3 breakfasts, depending on the appetites of the little farmers. :)

Easy Chocolate Pudding // Real Food Renegade
I have been making this recipe for years and it's simple and delicious! Sometimes a warm (or chilled) bowl of chocolate pudding hits the spot, and this is my go-to recipe when someone asks what to do with extra raw milk!

Homemade Yogurt // The Frugal Girl
This is the best yogurt recipe I have found and have been making it for eight years. 9 times out of 10 it turns out smooth and thick. It's all about the temps and incubation. 

How To Make Butter // The Elliott Homestead 
From one of my favorite authors and bloggers, this is a helpful post to bookmark - teach yourself how to make butter!

Clarified Butter (Ghee) // The Elliott Homestead
This recipe is a step by step tutorial on how to preserve golden yellow raw butter. 

Buttermilk, A Lost Superfood // The Elliott Homestead
If you make cultured butter to make your own clarified butter, you will be blessed with buttermilk! Here is what to do with it and what to know!

Homemade Sour Cream // The Elliott Homestead
All I can say is "yum!"

- If you want to get really creative and resourceful, here are 20 Ways to Use Sour Raw Milk! // The Prairie Homestead 

I hope this inspires you, as it does me, to get in the kitchen and make delicious, nourishing, and beautiful food with grass-fed raw milk! I'd love to hear what you create!

Have a great week!


Thank you for supporting our grass-based small family farm! With gratitude,  Ben, Kristen, James, & Nate

Thank you for supporting our grass-based small family farm!
With gratitude,
Ben, Kristen, James, & Nate